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Reviews of Memories of Home

"This unusual and beautiful album, based on seven different tunings that originated in Mesopotamia over 5,000 years ago, has a unique and indescribably quality that makes an immediate impression. Cameron discovered the tunings in 1996 and programmed them into his synthesizer; their effect was astounding in balancing the brain, creating an "opening" to an altered state, and inducing a sense of warmth and peace. I confess I was somewhat surprised that this album really does what it claims to do! Synthesized guitar, piano, vocal and percussion recreate music that Cameron claims has not been heard for thousands of years. Fascinating -- besides being terrific ambient music for artists of all disciplines, especially writers, painters, and sculptors." - TJE, NAPRA Review

"This CD is stunning. I have listened to and used many New Consciousness style music CD's over the years but this one amazes me. I have used it for my personal meditation and for clients in my healing practice. Each time I have played it for someone the first time, I told them nothing about the music or the tunings used in it. Each time the listener used similar words to describe their experiences. Words like, "I felt my heart opening." "I felt like I had traveled to a strange yet familiar place" "this sounds like my heart if it were set to music." These people had inner visions and messages and profoundly peaceful healing experiences. As a healer and a journey taker I highly recommend this journey to you." Culver, Iowa, AMAZON.COM Reviews

"Thank you soooo much for the music on MEMORIES OF HOME. It has done much for me in the way of healing ... and rejuvenating … a weary spirit. May your work be forever blessed." Ammi, Virginia

"I heard this music from the inside out." Rebecca, Georgia

"… Through experimentation - playing the music for groups and individuals - Fred found that not only did the harmonies restore and enhance physical, emotional and spiritual balance, but they are a key that unlocks access to hidden possibilities inherent in our human essence. Playing this CD at the office had the effect of making things feel good. And, after taking it home and using it for meditation, I found the listening experience profound. This CD does indeed affect the heart chakra, unlocking memories of who we are, healing, and balancing. In particular, track #4, Rising Wind, and track #6, Wandering, are played to the beat of a heart. Track #8, Chela's Journey, my favorite, evokes the majesty, mystery, and powers inherent in the journey. This is higher consciousness music and I use it while doing energy attunements in my healing practice."
- Heidi Bonisa, The Light Connection